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Skill of the Ukrainian pilot of the Su-25

On July 16, 2014, during a combat mission over Donetsk region, Su-25M1 №41 of Ukraine Air Force was attacked by russian MANPADS  missile, that damaged part of the wings and the hydrosystem.

But the pilot did not leave the aircraft and with the assistance of another Su-25, made an emergency landing without a chassis on the ground airfield Maisky (Dnipropetrovsk region).

Thanks to the skillful the pilot’s actions managed to save the aircraft, which later was repaired and entered into a service.

From the pilots interview:

«Actually, the same day the same task. I performed a combat mission with a couple with another plane. I attacked, after that the second aircraft attacked, I give the command to the second aircraft to get out of attack, and I perform another re-attack, because I saw a cluster of enemy equipment in the field.

I attacked. Following it, the the second aircraft reported that he had a failure of both hydrosystems because of the impact of a missile fired from MANPADS.

I found it, together with him we already decided that he will land at a ground airfield, without a chassis, because without the hydrosystems the chassis can not be released.

Until the last I was with him. When he came in for landing, at this time, at the lowest possible speed, I went in parallel with him and went to my aerodrome on an emergency fuel balance.

I was convinced that the aircraft had landed, released the parachute and stopped. All this time I gave him commands, prompted.

What prompted? For example, the moment of dumping blank blocks from missiles: in order to land on the ground without a chassis, you need to drop the suspension. I told him the place of discharge, suggested the remaining moments relating to aviation equipment».

(Su-25 №41 after repair. Photo by A.Goltz)

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Skill of the Ukrainian pilot of the Su-25

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